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Craft Beer Fact Check

Simply put, craft beer is a beer that is not brewed by one of the big “mega-brewery” corporations. There is no denying that craft beer is experiencing a boom. One could even argue that craft beer is becoming more popular than wine as the drink of choice while fine dining.

Craft beer is generally made with traditional ingredients like malted barley; interesting and sometimes non-traditional ingredients are often added for distinctiveness. Craft beer is local and it seems like craft beer is absolutely everywhere in the USA now. Newly formed Craft Brewers Associations and Unions are attempting to define what craft beer is in the USA, the UK and on other countries in the world.

In this category we aim to inform you about relevant and trending news that provide facts and figures about this market. Read more here.

Craft Beer Market Trends

Craft beer is likely about to reach (or has already reached) its Apple moment and there is a lot of movement in this segment right now.

Besides the USA and the UK, especially the Australian craft beer market is being driven by passionate craft beer makers and home brewers, together with more sophisticated beer drinkers and consumers who are demanding a more boutique, unique, and premium product. Despite the decline in the popularity of beer drinking in Australia, the Australian craft beer market is flourishing.

Turning our heads towards the South of the United States, we encounter news that since the first batch from the Santa Fe Brewing Company in 1988 the brew house has proven the New Mexico craft beer market is ripe for quality brewers.

Although the craft beer market is expanding at a record pace, there are some stumbling blocks to be overcome. For instance, small craft breweries face a steep and increasing challenge getting distribution for their beers. As a result, today’s craft beer market is perhaps more uncertain than at any other time in history.

In fact, the world market is still covering ever new regions and countries. Major experts believes the key to cracking the Japanese craft beer market is producing well-balanced beers with an emphasis on the malt profile rather than the hops. Get more news here.

Homebrewing Tips & Beer Brewing Tutorials

Homebrewing is the brewing of beer on a small scale for personal, non-commercial purposes. One of the outstanding joys of homebrewing is being able to do it your own way. Brewing Craft Beer is simple and complicated, easy and hard. It largely depends on the rights resources and information. So better check for quality tutorials and guides in order to learn the ropes of this craft. We are gathering and compiling tips tutorials and videos that demonstrate how to do it the right way already from the very start. Check it out here.

Home Beer Brewing Supplies

If you are into brewing your own beer, then you need home brew supplies and lots of them. Although many shops offer a variety of products on home brewing, you still have to discern which among the many homebrew kits fit what you need. It is advisable for you to ask someone who works at the shop to help you if you need clarifications regarding home brewing products.

Some kits will allow you to brew a small batch such as 5 gallons, and others will allow you to brew much larger batches (for the more experienced)… so before you start buying equipment willy nilly, decide on how much beer you would like to brew and that will determine what equipment you will need.

Second, your home brew supplies must include buckets for fermenting and bottling. Your fermenting bucket must have an airlock so that bacteria and oxygen cannot get into your supply of unfermented beer. It is recommended for your bottling bucket to have a spigot because the spigot makes it easier to transfer the beer from the bottling bucket to the beer bottles or beer keg – if bottles are too much of a hassle for you.

You may also use kettles and various pots for brewing, boiling and mashing the ingredients for your homemade beer. Furthermore, yo will need to transfer the wort from your fermenting vessel into your bottling bucket if you dont have an all-in-one model. Your best bet is to use an automatic siphon system as it is more hygienic and you have less chance of spoiling your beer.

Other than that, you will also require the right caps and a capper to get those caps onto the bottles. Grains, malt extracts and yeast are also essential because they are basically the source of your beer. How would you produce beer without them? Similarly, if you want to add flavor to your home brew beer you need to put in flavorings and spices such as licorice stick, spruce essence and dried ginger root.

Aside from these, hops such as Cascade Leaf Hops can also be used to add taste to your home made beer. To control the temperature of your beer and therefore improve its quality and consistency, you need a thermometer that gives an accurate measurement.

In addition, you should include a hydrometer in your list of beer making must-haves because this instrument keeps track of the beer worts density rather than water density. By doing so, the hydrometer is able to determine if the beer is fermented enough for bottling. Cleaning all your equipment before brewing and bottling is an essential task, so make sure that you also purchase all the necessary sanitizing liquids.

In sum, brewing your own beer can be a whole lot of fun… but before you can engage in it you must know the 101 on home brew supplies. You will find cheap and affordable homebrewing supplies in our “Equipment & Supplies” section: Check it out here.