Burger flavored beer just makes so much sense

You will not wish to top this “hamburger” with catsup

Image: red robin

The hamburger fascination isn’t really going anywhere, individuals. From the initial meaty variations to gimmicky vegetarian alternatives , individuals simply like hamburgers.

Now you can have your hamburger and consume it, too.

Red Robin’s Grilled Pineapple golden ale (debuting at the Great American Beer Festival on Oct. 6 in Denver, Co.) isn’t really simply made to match hamburgers … it’s really implied to taste like them.

Image: red robin

This specific beer (which includes no beef) is imitated Red Robin’s Banzai Burger, which has a teriyaki glaze and grilled pineapple as a topping.

The dining establishment chain’s drink advancement supervisor Katie Burkle informs Mashable there were other hamburgers on the menu thought about as taste motivation, however none determined up to the “special taste profile” of the Banzai.

The Golden Ale design brew is made in combination with New Belgium Brewing Company . Dave Glor, Innovation Brewer at New Belgium, stated the brew is instilled with molasses, pineapple and, “apple smoked malt to offer the beer its umami and meaty-ness.”

Image: red robin

The beer will be readily available for a minimal time at Colorado-area Red Robin dining establishments, though Burkle states, “if it ends up they [customers] love having their hamburger and drinking it too theres constantly the possibility of crafting another development in the future!”

The beer is vegetarian, has an “umami” taste and thinking about the number of other oddball beers have followings, this might be the next huge news in hamburgers.

Or would that be the next huge news in beer? It appears like a delicious line to blur.


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