Can You Spread Beer on Your Toast?

From hot sauce and pickles to chocolate bars, there are more ways to enjoy your beer than out of a pint glass.”>

Whens a beer not a beer? No this isnt a bad joke or a philosophical question but thanks to a range of products that contain, you guessed it, suds you can now enjoy your pint in a myriad of new ways. (A beer shower, now its possible!) Whether youre a beer fanatic or an occasional drinker youll no doubt find something youll like to try.

Innis & Gunn, known for its excellent whisky-barrel-aged Scottish brews has just opened a pub in Dundee. To celebrate the occasion they produced a limited amount of marmalade that includes some IPAearning many headlines in the process. (They also made an IPA that has some beer in it.)


Dougal Sharp, Innis & Gunn founder and master brewer, told the Herald: Launching in this great city has provided us with an opportunity to do what we do best: push the boundaries of whats possible with beer through innovation and experimentation.

Thats why weve been hard at work brewing a marmalade IPA and even creating spreadable beer for adventurous foodies.

The marmalade has been so popular it sold out, but the company is planning on producing another run. Youll definitely want to try this spreadable beer.

After a long spring afternoon spent outdoors, few things feel better than a cool shower. And theres no better way to freshen up than using a soap that contains some of the Brooklyn Brewerys popular Sorachi Ace Beer and malt grain. The bar is produced by boutique artisan company Apotheke.

While American whiskey and beer is a great match, BBQ and beer is an even better one. And you can combine both in one dish with Sierra Nevadas Original BBQ Sauce that, naturally, includes some of the brewerys suds. The acclaimed brand helped establish the craft beer industry when it opened in 1980 and now has facilities in both California and North Carolina.

What happens when you combine pickles, Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, caramelized onions and Cascade hops? You get a delicious hop pickle! The brewery, of course, suggests pairing it with their IPA for an added kick of hops.

Add a bit of spice to any dish with Dales Pale Ale wing sauce. But if you really want to turn up the heat add a few dashes of Deviant Dales: Mega Hot Melaguta Sauce. Just make sure you have something to put out the fire. (Beer, perhaps?)

The perfect dessert after a few pints is the Smoke & Stout Caramel Bar from artisanal Chicago candy maker Vosges. The chocolaty delicacy includes chocolate stout from top Oregon brewer Rogue, alderwood smoked salt, burnt sugar caramel and dark chocolate.

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