World Renowned Beer Expert Reveals Beers To Order On A Date To Help You Fall In Love

As you arrive at your local bar, ready to meet that cute Tinder date, its natural for your nerves to kick in.

You want your clothes to look fresh, your hair to be in place, and nothing to be in your teeth. After all, dating is all about looking your best and aiming to impress, especially during a first encounter.

But its when you finally get yourself situated at a table that how you look begins to take a backseat.

The main concern, then, is what you should be ordering in terms of an alcoholic beverage.

Its impossible to know if your date will judge you based off your order, but unfortunately, it still happens. Asking for a Sex on the Beach is a from ordering whiskey, straight up, with two ice cubes. And dont even get me started on wine. White will put you to sleep, while red will leave you with stained teeth.

A safe bet would be to let your eyes gaze past those sections on the menu and, instead, over tothe beer menu.

If you feel bloated just reading that, let Master Cicerone (the equivalent to a wine sommelier but more awesome)Max Bakker, The High End, Anheuser-Busch, relieve you of that fictitious gas in your stomach.

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According to Bakker, beer, as a matter of fact, is actually the best choice of drink when out on a date.

Since beer is brewed all over the world and all over the U.S. vs. being produced in select regional locations like wine or hard liquor, beer is the ultimate conversation starter for a date, Bakker tells Elite Daily.

Everyone has a home town favorite beer, a beer they tried and loved on a vacation, or just a brand or style they really enjoy. Choose a beer that is personal to you and open up your date conversation around your selection.

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If youre overwhelmed with possible beer choices on a date, dont be afraid to get recommendations from your server, either, in terms of whats on draft and whats fresh. Show off some assertiveness and grab some samples that you can share, taste, and bond over.

I would suggest deferring to the waiter or bartender on which beers are the most popular, as they will be the freshest ones on draft, Bakker says. Ask for a few samples of a few different styles that you can each try, and then both order a full size pint of what you found to be your collective favorite. The best part of enjoying beer is objectively describing and comparing what you taste with others.

But justopening your mouthand asking for a Bud Lightcertainly wont impress your datethat much.Bakker recommends, even for the most average Joes, to really whatever you decide to order and maybe add a little swag to your pour while youre at it.

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There are many different styles of beer to choose from, but what really impresses is being true to what you like whether its a craft, import, or domestic beer. Confidence is king, Bakker says.

He added,

Order your favorite beer on draft; if its only offered in a bottle, you can impress your date by asking for a glass and pouring your beer properly down the side of the glass and then directly straight into the glass to create the perfect collar of foam. Or you can defer to your date and try their favorite beer to discover something new.

But what if youdont have a favorite beer? What if youredead-set on ordering white wine by the bottle or a James Bond-inspired martini shaken, not stirred?

Well,first off, theres only one James Bond so just stop it. Then, remind yourself not to panic.

As its totally possible (and acceptable) to haveregular drink of choice that typically beer,Bakker says there are plenty of beers and ciders thatll tickle yourtaste buds in a very similar vein to yourusual cocktail.

Or, if your waiters recommendations are just full-on jumblednonsense, heres what you can order based on the other beverages you may resort to ordering when youre out.

If you like

1. White wine: Try a Kolsch or Cider, like Stella Artois Cidre.

2. Red wine: Recommend Flanders Red or an American Wild Ale, like Goose Island Lolita.

3. Martinis, Gin or Vodka: Order an American IPA, like 10 BBL Apocalypse.

4. Manhattan: Try Oud Bruin or an American Amber Ale, like Blue Point Toasted Lager.

5. Margarita: Opt for a Mexican-style lager, like Blue Point Macho Muchacho, with a pinch of salt and a solid squeeze of lime.

Not only are these selection of beers just as tasty, but yournewfound knowledge of lagers and ales will leave your date curious for more.Hopefully, these beer-centric tactics will not landyou a second opportunity to hang out, but alsolead you on the path totrue love.

Becausewho doesnt agood beer?


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