Something called ‘table beer’ is becoming very popular

Theoretically, any beer could be a “table beer.” From the sound of things, the qualifications are pretty straightforward. It has to be a beer. And you have to put it on a table. Table beer. Done. That was a great article. Glad you guys took the time to read it.

No, life is not that simple. Table beer is, in fact, a little more than that. Historically, a table beer was a beer for everyone at the table, most prominent in Belgium and France. Your mom. Her friend Carol. Your great uncle Victor. And the kids. All of the kids. Like, six year-old kids, drinking beer with their 16th-century meatloaf. In medieval Europe, table beers usually contained less than one percent alcohol by volume.

But, yeah, kids used to drink beer at the table — not behind the shed in their friend Chad’s backyard. Table beer (or biere de table) varied widely in color, but probably tasted something like soaking Wheaties in water and then squeezing out all of that absorbed liquid. Kinda bready. Kinda sweet. Gently carbonated (or maybe totally still).

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