This Is Why Drinking Beer Makes Guys Way Better In Bed

Feel free to crack open a can of Budweiser the next time you wanna get ridden like a Clydesdale horse.

When you think of beer, you dont exactly think of earth-shattering sex.You probably think more about the Green Bay Packers and sticky frat house floors when you think of beer.

In fact, beer is probably the least sexy drink out there, on par only with prune juice and diet Pibb Xtra.

But this may be a wrong assumption because beer might actually help men get in the mood, perform better and last longer in the sack.

In an interview with AskMen, Los Angeles-based certified sex therapist (a sexpert, if you will) Dr. Kat Van Kirk says slurping down the suds before getting it on could lead to some pretty dope intercourse.

For starters, Dr. Kat says drinking beer can help stave off premature ejaculation thanks to the beers natural phytoestrogens.

She alsosays drinking Guinness couldhelp you feel less sluggish during the act due to the effects of the stout’s vitamins and minerals on your stomach.

In order to actually get you in the mood for sex, you may want to consider drinking darker beers as they supposedly have higher iron levels than lighter ones.More iron leads to more red blood cells, and more red blood cells leads to more circulation in your penis and all over actually but most importantly, your penis.

If you want to get right to the point and drink a beer geared mainly towardlayin pipe, Dr. Kat suggests you pick up a few bottles of 50 Shades of Green by Innis & Gunn.

Dr. Kat says,

The company uses ginseng, ginkgo biloba and damiana to achieve increased sexual desire, blood flow and nerve stimulation.

Enjoy your weekend!

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