Making Home Brew Wine from a Kit – Getting Started


If you have been looking at Home Brewing Kits and are considering heading out to purchase your first one, don’t be daunted. Especially if you have been around to your friend’s place who has every gadget and widget available in beer brewing supplies. You don’t need to spend a lot to start out.

Most entry level Home Brewing Kits have pretty much everything you need for your first batch and the prices start at very reasonable levels. One of the biggest considerations other than the beer brewing kit itself is the bottles that you are going to use to hold the brew. Most beer brewers will eventually get into using glass bottles with capping machines as it is generally accepted that beer tastes beer from a glass bottle. When you are starting out though, there is no need to purchase these items if you are wanting to keep control of your budget until you get a real ‘taste’ for the hobby of brewing beer.

When I first started out brewing I bought a load of bottles and caps, and a manual capper and spent hours and many wasted bottles trying to perfect the art of capping. Even then, some that I thought worked well, opened to a weak “thup”, rather than a tight pop and fizz when I actually got a round to opening the bottle to drink it. The best piece of advice that I got was to save up my empty carbonated plastic drink bottles to use. I had a cupboard full of empty Coke bottles in no time after I enlisted my friends to save all of theirs too.

Anything that holds 700ml to 2lt is usually fine. This saved me hours of time, lots of frustration and at least a few liters of beer per batch as all you need to do is screw the lid back on – easy. I just served the beer from a nice glass beer pitcher.

So my advice for those starting out, or just wanting to make their beer making experience a bit easier – save up your carbonated plastic drink bottles and spend the money that you save on getting better quality equipment. You can always move to glass bottles when you are more comfortable with your brew and you will also then be able to fully appreciate the difference between plastic and glass. For now though, your money is better invested on better quality Home Brewing Kits.

M. Bateup writes blogs about homebrew beer, equipment and supplies and has been brewing since living in Ireland in 2001.Home Brewing Kits []beer brewing supplies [].

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