The Essential Starter Kit

The Northern Brewer Essential Starter Kit & The Art of Kit Beer Brewing

[p1vc-video] This Essential Brewing Starter Kit combines a simplified brewing process with easy-to-use equipment, plus your choice of three great beer recipe kits and a free copy of our Getting Started in Homebrewing DVD. Please visit www.northernbrewer.com/shop/essential-brewing-starter-kit.html for more information. The Art of Kit Beer Brewing Home brewing is an extremely easy hobby to begin with […]

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Homebrewing- Mashing Grain

[p1vc-video] Home brewing is becoming more and more common no matter where you are in the world. Many parts of the world you will find different beers, brews and ways of drinking. Whether you’re in sunny Mexico or wet England there will be something that always that suits your tastes. What has this got to […]

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Brewing with JP and Staley

Incredible Grains for a Great Beer

One of the most straightforward reasons for learning to brew your own beer is to learn more about the various grains and ingredients that makes one beer better than another one. When you first start your hobby of home brewing, you no doubt got connected to a local club or association of home brewers. They […]

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Homebrewing: Ingredients, assemble!

Getting Set Up to Make Your Own Beer

The hobby of brewing your own beer at home is growing steadily as more people discover how much fun they can have making their beer at home and how great absolutely fresh beer can be. There may be no more gratifying moment for a home brewer than to serve your own fresh beer to your […]

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The creators of the Brewbot, a machine that makes small batches of craft beer. From left, Chris McClelland, Jonny Campbell, Ali Sisk and Kieran Graham.

Brewing Your Own Beer – With the Help From an App

Two years ago, craft beers were scarce in the pubs of Northern Ireland. The taps were dominated instead by megabrands like Guinness, Harp and Heineken. Mr. McClelland – the founder of a Belfast-based product design company called Cargo – and three of his colleagues were so frustrated by the dearth of craft beers in town […]

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